RLIF Says Aloha Hawaii!

Hawaii Rugby League Invited into Asia Pacific Rugby League Conference by the RLIF


The Hawaii Rugby League was invited by the Rugby League International Federation into the Asia Pacific Rugby League Conference as they announced on October 15.

Hawaii Rugby League reported “There will be a meeting Oct 26th 10.30am at HRL Office 3140 Koapaka street for handling HRL’s response and direction forward into the Asia Pacific Rugby League Conference. All players, coaches and club members are invited. We will share the information with you and will elect officers and discuss upcoming games and visiting teams to Hawaii in 2013 – 2014”

It raises questions over the USA link, but the HRL were asked:

“What does being invited to be a member of The Asia Pacifc Rugby League Conference mean to Hawaii? ”

HRL: “Basically in a nutshell, Hawaii has an opportunity to take up the invitation to be a member in the Asia Pacific Rugby League Conference. Meaning Hawaii has access to play international member teams in this conference as a cultural team representing Hawaii and because of the geographical location in the Pacific and long distance to the USA, Hawaii can play other members without necessarily going through USARL or AMNRL. Because of our close cultural and family ties to Cook Islands, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, and even Philippines, NZ Maori and Australian Aboriginals this opens up the Pacific for us to develop friendships, relationships and game experience with these countries who are further along in the sport than we are as new babes. Hawaii truly is among the last Pacific polynesian peoples to come into the International Rugby League Community . Mahalo”

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