Historic Victory Of Serbia Over PACA (France)

Historic Victory Of Serbia Over PACA (France)

Media Source: RFLC Radnički Belgrade



Serbia have provided a strong result and showcased their progress by defeating the PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) region in Salon-de-Provence, where rugby league was conceived in France (think of some cities such as Avignon, Marseille, Martigues, Toulon and Villeneuve where club’s are based). The PACA squad was made up of professional and semi-professional players from the Elite 1 and Elite 2 competitions in France from the region, whereas Serbia performed with only amateur players from the domestic championship.


This is an historic moment for Serbian rugby league, after tight losses against Russia and Italy, the senior national team was buoyed by this victory now raising their self-confidence and produce a winning spirit. These guys definitely deserve it, and I will use this opportunity to congratulate me on this victory.

From the very start of the match, the Serbian team was strong, and showed that there were only effects from travel time. Although the difference is not great, the amount of points in the Serbia victory is not a matter of concern, and the whole course of the game was controlled by our team. In the Salon-de-Provence, on that day could saw a nice, good quality rugby league game.

In this game one of our players, Slobodan Manak, who made his debut for the senior Serbian national team. While in Italy, unfortunately, he was named as 18th man, but this time dressed up and jersey, and took to the field.

Unfortunately, the Serbian Youth team (up to 19 years old) were not as successful in a duel with their peers of France. Paca region Association U19s were a side that has earnt French champions in the same year, which showed their rugby league class. The first 10-15 minutes showcased a remarkable level of rugby league and even hinted at a big surprise, which ultimately did not happen. After 2 quick and easy tries by the French youth, our guys are succumbed, and only late in the game they woke up, but then it was too late. The result for our young men was 52-16 against the French boys.
However our boys were given respect by their opponents and the public.
There they performed with the standard of the usual suspect Vuk Štrbac, and our boys from the Radniki-Red Star youth team were: Denis Čengaj, Nikola Djuric Miodrag Tomic and Milos Kostadinović.


On the same day we played the third exhibition game between Paca (France) Federal teams (made up of amateur players) against our mixed squad made up of different players from veterans, active players, friends of rugby league in Serbia, and two guests from the Republic of Srpska. They unfortunately did not achieve victory, the result was 32 – 12, but showed a remarkable level and honestly fought the French.


On this trip our delegation of 74 members had the opportunity to attend and watch the World Cup match in the Rugby League 2013 between France and New Zealand, which has really been a valuable experience for all the boys.

As a reward for the victory, the administration of the Serbian Federation wanted to reward team members with a trip to Pearl Côte d’Azur. To the surprise of everyone, we managed to meet none other than the New Zealand Kiwis (national team), with whom we were also photographed.


Serbians & kiwis
Some members and players of the Serbian Rugby League by surprise meet the NZ Kiwis in France

Serbian RL official with Shaun Johnson presenting a gift

Serbian RL official with Shaun Johnson presenting a gift


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