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The AYRLA mainly based in Providence, Rhode Island (but also early startups in other parts of NE USA such as Philly and Boston) has launched their third phase of rugby league development with the new  High School Rugby League Competition. After launching and creating successful middle school programs and competitions, U23 Competitions and representative sides, they are now getting into High Schools. It is suggested within the USA, the Middle and particiularly High School system is where any sport looking to be successful needs to be.
The AYRLA in recent times have recruited at one of the 6 schools that they are launching High School Teams in their spring. The ARLYA tells the Spotlight

So far we are blown away with the response. It seems that the Middle School Competition has really permeated the High School population, also word about the (Rhode Island) Rebellion has gotten out to them as well. We started recruiting at E3 High School this November because it is the smallest school we will be recruiting at for the Spring competition and wanted to gauge the interest and see if a team would be viable there.

Well it turns out that they could have three men’s teams and a women’s team (at the one school). 87 students signed up. At the end of the day even if 50% drop out that is still 43 kids playing rugby league at a school we were anticipating 10-15 people signing up at.

What this does High School Rugby League competition require is funding, unfortunately with far less grants available at the High School level and spending most of their alot of time and resources organizing the competitions meeting admin, coaches, planning sessions and ensuring it is a success this means less time to find funding. Being basically an unnoticeable sport in USA, they do not have the people hence time and funding available.
The AYRLA is reaching out to the GLOBAL Rugby League community  to help fund the approximate 18,500 USD (mostly) up front costs to start the competition (the cost will decrease to 10-12k every season thereafter) and hopefully grow every year after.

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